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Diverse curricula paints a clear picture of our colorful world, and our growing learners deserve a broad collection of materials to learn from and enjoy. Importantly, diverse curriculum empowers students and leads to less racial prejudice and a higher overall self-confidence.


Discover Inspirus' online educational resources to help students reach their learning goals, including teacher-created lessons and educational-based freebies to help kids learn while having fun. 

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We want to inspire every child to increase their love of learning by using Inspirus products. We believe that learning is multi-dimensional, taking place by way of books, flashcards, art projects, and many other mediums. Inspirus is proud to deliver several options that ignite one’s passion for knowledge.


We seek to represent the world in each product, ensuring representation, diversity, and inclusion. Through cultural awareness in the Inspirus curricula, we hope students become more open-minded, accepting, and familiar with other cultures.


We strive to let God’s love shine through every curriculum, reinforcing the belief that our secular lives do not have to be separate from our spiritual lives, even in the classroom. Inspirus aims to help kids grow in Christ by sharing biblical principles that Jesus left for us to follow

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