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Leila is a passionate educator focused on creating inclusive, diverse educational experiences for all children. Leila earned her Masters of Arts in teaching and was invited to present her Master's research project findings at the 2015 EdMedia World Conference. She has taught elementary school in the United States and multiple countries in Latin America. Leila also taught English and worked as a teacher trainer in Nicaragua as a Peace Corps Volunteer. In her free time, Leila loves to surf, hike, and enjoy nature in any way that she can!

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Stephanie Soicher is a Montessori-trained certified teacher. For the past 15 years, Stephanie has taught in tribal and public schools, homeschool co-ops. and Montessori classrooms. Stephanie loves working with students and creating engaging lessons that meet their diverse needs. Her passion for design creation led her to earn a Master's degree in instructional design. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys going camping with her family, gardening, and visiting historical and cultural sites such as Mesa Verde and Bandelier National Monument.

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Meet Laci Swann, editor and researcher of Inspirus. A former homeschool mama, Laci holds her Master of Arts in English literature and a Master of Professional Studies in publishing. Laci takes immense pride in diving into every word of the curriculum, ensuring its accuracy and truth. As a mother of two children, one of whom has special needs, Laci is passionate about assisting in creating materials that cater to various learning styles. In her free time, Laci loves traveling with her family, cooking, and enjoying the quiet moments of life

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Monique Gardner, a valuable contributor of Inspirus educational materials, is a graduate of Marquette University, earning her master’s in higher education. Currently, Monique attends the University of Arizona, working toward her MBA. In addition to her many degrees, Monique has been a licensed Florida realtor since 2016, and she and her husband buy and hold real estate and enjoy the short-term rental industry as well. In her spare time, Monique loves to travel, read, and be physically active.

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Meet Chynna, a major contributor to the illustrations, formatting, and publishing services of Inspirus products. Chynna is a publishing coach and self-published, best-selling Amazon author, passionate about guiding aspiring authors to new heights on their book journey. As a former homeschool mom and ESL teacher, Chynna enjoys being an integral part of various Inspirus processes, ensuring her experience and training translate through each product. Chynna graduated with a dual bachelor's degree in arts and business entrepreneur. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, watching Disney movies, and indulging in delicious food.

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Megan De Thaey, Marketing Director of Inspirus, is an expat, mother of two, and Executive Director and Lead of Marketing for Bibles & Basketball, a faith-based Christian community of professional basketball players' and coaches' wives, fiancés, and girlfriends, eager to know more of God and excited to share that passion with others. Megan is passionate about ensuring small businesses are heard and seen through establishing and maintaining a cohesive, consistent voice and image across all platforms. She finds solace in organizing her sacred spaces, being on the beach, and drinking a good cup of coffee. Importantly, she enjoys being present with others—living in the moment and pouring into her loved ones. As the Marketing Director of Inspirus, Megan is eager to play a part in inclusion and breaking down barriers of systemic racism.