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6 Tips for Successful Summer Reading

Summer is finally here, and it feels like the first real summer in three years! We’ve been to the crystal blue waters of Lake Michigan, went glamping (like in a cabin, no tents), and hubby and I snuck off to New Orleans for a week.

Two young Black children playing by the shore of the lake with rocks and small waves
Tyler and Taylor Kennedy by the lake while camping

It feels good to finally enjoy these summer months again.

A Black woman and her Black son smiling for a selfie with a cabin in the background
Alicia and Thomas Kennedy enjoying their camping trip

But, amid enjoying it all, it’s easy to let our reading goals slide and the time quickly pass. I know we’re not the only ones! So, I put together my top tips for successful summer reading. Here we go!

1. Set a 20-minute timer

A short, daily time to read creates a habit that cultivates a love for reading. Consistency always wins!

2. Let them read easy books

Reading doesn’t always need to be a challenge! Let your kids pick an easy and fun read.

3. Make sure books are easily accessible

Easy access is key. Front-facing bookshelves are a favorite for us. Even older kids love to see the cover and are drawn into the story.

4. Read in fun places

Take your reading on the go – to the park or even the backyard. Get outside and have fun.

5. Create a reading nook

Don’t overthink it or strive to be Pinterest mom of the year. Grab some books and pillows and use a bedside table and lamp to create a cozy reading corner. DIY tents and forts are even better!

6. Set a goal with a reward

Decide on the number of books read, pages read, and days read (get creative). Then, pick a fun reward you can all enjoy at the end of the summer!

I hope those tips are just as helpful for you as they are for me. We’re getting back on track with our reading goals, but more importantly, we want reading to be fun for the whole family. We have the whole academic year to be serious and read for a purpose. So, here’s to a summer of fun using books to guide our imaginations.

Make sure to download our Summer Reading Challenge packet to track your progress!

Inspirus: for the kids who inspire us 💡


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