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3 SIMPLE Tips for Successful Reading Habits

It's the second week of January and let's be real, our lofty 2024 goals are probably starting to either look like a realistic change we can actually stick with or a lofty dream fueled by good intentions and a little delusion. 😅

One of the top goals people set for a new year? Reading. Not far behind getting to the gym regularly, but that's a blog post for another site. At Inspirus, we are huge fans of setting reading goals! We're also busy moms with a very real grasp of what reading to, with, and along side kids looks like.

Whether you're setting goals for motivating young readers, reading 52 books in a year, creating fun reading adventures, finding kid-friendly reading targets, or any reading goals in between, we have 3 things that are sure to help!

Here are 3 tips to cultivate a habit of reading in your home:

  1. Set a 20 minute timer. This is our founder's number 1 tip anytime someone asks her how she encourages teenagers and tweens to read! 20 minutes on the clock for the whole house. Whether it's reading aloud together (even to her older kids!) or everyone with their own book, those 20 minutes every day add up and build a routine that turns into a habit.

  2. Create a cozy reading space. We love a good reading nook with a cute tent and snuggly pillows. But again, we're also moms with a grasp of life with kids. This doesn't need to be anything fancy. Grabbing things in your own home like a few pillows, a blanket, and a side table will do the trick as long as the books are in reach. Making a designated space for reading will inspire you and your kids to grab a good book.

  3. Front-facing bookshelves! Being able to see the covers of books invites kids into the story before they even pick it up. This also works for adults, too! Not to mention this gives kids access to books.

We hope these tips set you up for success in encouraging and motivating young readers and yourself alike. Here's to building healthy reading habits in 2024!


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