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Amazon Reviews for an Independent Author

I’ve been an independent author for almost three years now and there’s still so much I’m learning.

The latest hurdle? Amazon.

I thought it would be simple. Write the book. Get the book illustrated. Edit the book. Publish the book. Put the book on Amazon. Watch it sell.

Wrong 🥴

There are currently 32.8 million books on Amazon. In this sea of books, I haven’t been able to stand out. Most books don’t. So, I’m learning the world of Amazon ads.

Alicia Kennedy children's author of I'll Be Here a diverse picture book for all families

Of course, Amazon is yet another algorithm to navigate and one of the biggest contributors to finding favor in the algorithm is reviews. So, I decided to list my Kindle version of I’ll Be Here FREE for 5 days to hopefully get to 50 reviews before we launch our Amazon ads.

Reviews take just a moment, but significantly impact authors.

Here’s why Amazon reviews are important for book sales:

  1. Most people don’t buy things with no reviews. A handful of 5-star reviews gives a brand significant credibility to potential customers.

  2. Help our brand get found online. The algorithm, I tell ‘ya, it really loves engagement and shows more people my books when we get more reviews.

  3. Provide important feedback. Reading the reviews of I’ll Be Here has encouraged and motivated me so much. I currently only have 31 reviews and just those comments alone have given me a push I didn’t know I needed.

  4. Facilitate word-of-mouth marketing and referrals. Knowing someone spent their money on something and loved it enough to come back to leave a review means they really loved it.

  5. Impact purchasing decisions. When someone is on the fence about buying, a positive review can be the factor that makes them hit “add to cart”.

Want to help me master this algorithm?

Get your copy of I’ll Be Here and leave a review today!


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