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3 Free Spring Activities to Do with Your Kids

Spring is coming! The days are finally getting longer. Depending on where you are, hopefully your days are getting warmer, too!

We love a themed activity that doesn’t require much parental involvement. Because, let’s be honest, we all need a 15-minute break.

Here are three free spring-themed activities for you to download today!

free coloring page of Black girl with butterfly and flower wearing a dress with twists and beads in her hair

Coloring is a great way to build fine motor skills in littles that help build the muscles to be later able to write. Coloring is also a wonderful opportunity to review colors, shapes, animals, and numbers. If it’s in the picture, we can learn about it!

For older children, coloring and using their imagination allows them to practice critical thinking skills and follow simple instructions.

Download your free spring coloring printable here!

free download of printable spring color by numbers with a tulip and 5 colors

Color by number is one of our favorite ways to learn colors, numbers, and critical thinking. Color by numbers also improves hand-eye coordination, teaches how to focus and concentrate, and helps build language skills when describing what they’ve colored or having to ask for help in a certain area.

Download your free spring color-by-number printable here!

free download to print spring word search for children/kids

Word searches are a hit to practicing spelling and expanding vocabulary, but did you know word searches are also great for increasing problem-solving skills, memory, and concentration? We also heard on the internet that word searches might improve IQ. Who knows for sure? But it’s worth a shot.

Download your free word search printable here!

We can’t forget our free download of paper dolls with seasonal clothing! This is a great opportunity to discuss the seasons and how we must change our wardrobes.

Download your free printable paper doll here!

Black girl with paper doll

We hope your kids enjoy the free goodies and that you enjoy your 15 minutes off.😉

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