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Black History is 365

At Inspirus, we believe in love, faith, and diversity. To truly live these in unison and raise a generation of empathy, we need to know, embrace, and teach Black history. Not just in February but also the other 337 days of the year.

Black History is 365 days a year at Inspirus. All year long. Diverse curriculum for Black history and African American history

Here are some tips for incorporating Black and African American history into your life and the lives of your children year-round:

1. Start with yourself.

What do you truly know about Black history? Have you expanded your knowledge outside of the set Black History Month lesson plans most schools teach? When you start learning as the parent, it will overflow to your children.

2. Include Black men and women in other subjects.

Black history doesn’t begin and end in history class. African American men and women have significantly impacted all areas: chemistry, math, archeology, literature, social studies, and especially art. How are you making sure your child’s full education is diverse?

3. Teach African American history as American history.

Some parts of our history aren’t easy to learn about, embrace, and discuss. But those pieces of history are true and significant to how modern culture and society have been shaped. Understanding that history for ourselves and navigating the truth with our children will broaden our minds and theirs to work toward a better future for all people. Separating Black history from American history opens doors for ignorance of the worst parts and disregard for the incredible Black men and women who have impacted the history of our country and our world.

Allow Black History Month to be a month to honor the contributions made by African American men and women and jump-start our learning every month after. Black History is 365. Don’t let it end on February 28th.

Don’t know where to begin? That’s okay! Our method of choice is books. Try these:


Inspirus: for the kids who inspire us.

Inspirus Kids lightbulb, Inspirus: for the kids who inspire us. Diverse children's books.


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