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I See You, Mama

Everyone is always so quick to say how beautiful motherhood is, how blessed we are to be mothers, and how much of a difference we make in the lives of the little people we are raising. All of that is true, but there are comments people say that can be hard to feel.

I think if given the option at our child’s birth of which role we want to take, the mother or the father, there would be a significant lack of mothers in the world. The burden of motherhood is heavy. It sometimes feels like an impossible task that we are unable to fulfill.

But the beautiful thing about motherhood is that even though it comes with a great burden, God created us specifically for the little humans He wants us to raise.

Motherhood is just like all other phases of life— it has seasons. It comes with seasons that feel absolutely impossible. Some seasons feel long, cold, and alone, while others are bright, vibrant, and warm. From raising toddlers to raising tweens, there are highs that peak like mountains and lows that sink deeper and deeper.

Even though motherhood comes with difficult seasons, there is remarkable beauty. There will be seasons equally as beautiful, gratifying, and fulfilling as the seasons that are not.

Today, I encourage you to hang on, soak in the laughs and the smiles, celebrate the milestones and birthdays, cry when hurt and sadness sneak up, and take a moment to yourself when life feels overwhelming.

And if today, you feel unseen, just know that I see you.

To the mom who shifted her plans, dreams, and ambitions to raise someone who can be better than her, I see you.

To the mom working overtime to give her kids all she can on her own, I see you.

To that mom trying so desperately to hold on, doing the best she can, even when those around her don’t believe it, I see you!

To the mom struggling with her demons while trying to keep generational curses from her child, I see you.

To the mom who enjoys every moment, makes every lunch, never misses a game, and is everything to everyone but herself, I see you.

I see you. I feel you. I am you.

No matter where you are on your motherhood journey, I see you, I pray with you, and I hope you enjoy every bit of the 24 hours set aside to honor you. Happy Mother’s Day.


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