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Re-Dream - 3 Tips to Dreaming Big Again

A few weeks ago, I wrote about losing my will to dream. I stopped dreaming and asking God for vision, and I started micromanaging. You can read all about that revelation here, but I know I’m not the only one who gets in that space.

Author, Alicia Kennedy with her diverse children's book, You Were Created

Here are three things that helped me to dream again:

  1. Reconnect with God. The biggest thing I did to dream again reconnected with the Source. As my spiritual life strengthened, willingly and unwillingly (y’all know how God is sometimes), I was able to hear God. I could see that my vision had gotten too small, and He wasn’t able to trust me with a big vision anymore because I had limited the vision He already gave me. When I started Inspirus, I had no idea where to start, but I had a BIG dream and worked to find a way. God would give me a dream and I would dream it. I would pray about it. At every step, He gave me someone to help me. Now that I know the way, the how of logistics blurred the dream of what God is doing through me. There is such a force in faith and prayer when dreaming. So, the first step was getting back to the OG Dreamer and letting my dreams go through Him.

  2. Be intentional with what you’re feeding your mind and spirit. On my morning walks, I became very intentional about what I read through Audible. Lately, I’ve been sticking to biographies, especially if they’re read by the author themselves. It has been wildly motivating to hear their stories. Viola Davis, Matthew McConaughey, Tabitha Brown, and Will Smith’s books have helped remind me to dream, shared how big I can dream, and gave steps to achieve that dream. Make sure what you digest helps you in the dreaming process.

  3. Write it down. A dream can become a goal when you write it down and map it out. Putting steps and tentative timelines down on paper makes it real and gives us something to work toward. Let yourself dream the big dream on paper, too! If money, time, resources, and know-how are not taken into account, what would you do and how would you do it? Start there and see what it truly takes to do what you truly want to do.

Dreaming again feels so good. I hope these tips are helpful for you to tap into dreaming again. This is your reminder to dream big on paper. God’s vision and purpose for your life are worth it.



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