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I Stopped Dreaming

I stopped dreaming. Yep, I did.

When I started Inspirus, I did it all little by little. God put something on my heart, and I did it. I didn’t ask how or why. I just did it. Every time I would get stuck or not know what to do next, He would show me.

Alicia Kennedy, author, reading her Bible and dreaming about the vision God has for her brand, Inspirus

I started out wanting to provide a diverse, inclusive curriculum to bridge the gaps left by the school system for my son. We had just started homeschooling, and I couldn’t find resources that worked well for us and allowed my son to see himself in the units. In the beginning, I didn’t know how to make a curriculum, and I had no clue where to start.

Then, God put it on my heart to write a book. All I knew was where to find an editor. So, that’s where I started. My editor, Laci, pointed me in the right direction with everything else. Her input and guidance were exactly what God knew I needed in that season. In writing that book, I learned to format, how to create, and how to find illustrators.

Challenges continued to pop up such as printing, formatting, and marketing. I didn’t know how to do those tasks, either, but I had a friend with a keen eye for marketing who came on board when God lined it all up.

Author, Alicia Kennedy with her children's book, You Were Created, with diverse characters

And money! All these big projects require big money that I didn’t have to throw at my dream, but God made it happen. God would bless the business at every expense. With every challenge, through prayer, God showed up and showed out. He’s put everything in place, step-by-step, to work toward the big vision of diversifying the pages of all books.

But now... Now, I’m struggling with selling. And because I’m struggling with selling, I’m struggling with dreaming and moving forward, and that’s a problem. I’ve put God in a box. I told God that my situation won’t allow me to walk in His vision nor create the way He’s gifted me. I decided that because we aren’t selling the books we have in stock, I don’t have the funds to illustrate, edit, format, and print the books He inspired. But what God is telling me is that He does not fit in my box, neither do His dreams and plans for me and that what He has for me is bigger than what I can see.

As I move into a season where things are going on in my personal life that need these funds, God is showing me and teaching me that He has a plan for me. He has already figured out a path. I get so stressed when trying to figure out how to pay these people, how to keep creating, how to keep printing, and how to reach the people I need to reach.

Author, Alicia Kennedy with her diverse and inclusive children's books

But God. But God says to just keep going and not to give up. He’s the same God today that He was when I started Inspirus. Just because I have more to risk and more to lose does not mean God is not amid this dream.

I’m going back to dreaming. I’m done limiting myself based on what I can see, and I’m trusting God’s vision for God’s dream. I’m expanding my vision to meet whatever dream God puts on my heart.

Don’t stop dreaming. God is bigger than any box, obstacle, perception, or thought. His plans and purpose for your life are so much bigger than your wildest dreams.


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