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There's Purpose and Grace in God's Calling

I’m at a point in my entrepreneurship, and life if I’m being honest with myself, where my self-talk is pretty negative, a little less than optimistic, and at the root, it’s just not God. It’s not Truth that God says about me and the plans He has for me. I’m dwelling on things in the natural that are beyond my control instead of the Truth God has spoken over me in the supernatural.

And you know what ya’ gotta do when the things of this world are weighing you down so much you can’t hear Him? Fast. Yep, it’s time for prayer and fasting.

It’s time to let go of the things of my flesh that are weighing me down so I can clearly hear from the Lord. No noise. No distractions. No reaching for a treat to emotionally eat when I really should be laying that at the foot of the cross.

It’s time for discipline. It’s time for prayer. It’s time for a deeper trust in the One who holds it all.

I don’t want to be like Peter, doing the miraculous because my gaze is fully on Jesus only to lose sight of Him when the waves are growing as the storm is getting worse and fall in the water. I don’t want to look down and start sinking.

The waves of not launching (again), having to rearrange my book releases, rewrite a few books and get the word count down on others — oh, and moving my family of five to Japan in the midst of it all; these waves were drowning me. I’m starting to feel like I can’t come up for air between them.

A Black woman studying the Bible with journals and pens

We can tell when we’re sinking. We can tell when we’ve lost focus of Who is truly in charge.

I’m ready to get my gaze set again and continue walking on water with Jesus.

I know I’m walking in purpose. I know this is the calling God has for my life. But, I’m not tapped in like I need to be to fulfill this vision. A vision from God is nothing without being fully tapped into Him.

I’m cutting out the things that don’t serve purpose, that don’t pull me closer to God or get Inspirus closer to launching.

The beautiful thing about a relationship with God? It comes with purpose and grace. There’s grace for the one whose eyes lost sight of Jesus. There’s grace for the one who feels like the waves of life are hitting harder than God can handle. There’s grace for me in the midst of this and there’s grace for you.

A Black woman with her Bible, journals, Simplified planner, pens, and highlighters

God wants us to reset our gaze. He wants us to draw close to Him. He wants us to sacrifice the desires of our flesh and ask Him to sit with us.

There’s so much beauty in the purpose God has put on our lives and there’s just as much beauty in the sanctification it takes to walk in that purpose.

Thank you, Lord, that You don’t give us God-sized vision to walk in on our owns. Thank you for giving each of us the grace and gift of calling on You. Lord, quiet the noise of this world so I can hear more of you. Amen.


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