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The Perfect Family

July 18th is Perfect Family Day. Isn’t that an interesting day to celebrate? A day set aside for family makes sense, but why a day for the perfect family?

I believe the perfect family is the one that’s full of love.

It doesn’t matter your differences, disciplines, or how much fun you have together.

It matters that you love each other. Because if you love each other, everything else will fall into place.

From that overflow of love, you’ll have fun together, support one another, and bind together.

Love is the foundation of family. The ones where you can feel the love when you walk into the room – those are perfect families.

It doesn’t mean that love will always be abounding, but it’s always the foundation. It’s always the thread that weaves us together.

Based on that definition, I think I have a perfect family. There’s a heart of love in the chaos and the challenges. We go through some challenging times where our actions and words don’t match our hearts, but love is what we stand on and fall back on.

After birthing two children just 16 months apart, my heart was bursting with that love for my babies. I loved reading books to express my heart to my kids, but I quickly realized that I didn’t see myself or my children in these books.

I immediately felt inspired to write a genuine, timeless classic for parents from all walks of life to identify with and enjoy because if there’s one thing all parents have in common, it’s the deep love for their children.

As the words were put on paper and the illustrations came to life, my heart melted as I saw the love of a parent played out throughout culturally-representative drawings.

This love that makes families perfect from all over the world was overflowing from the pages.

Through I’ll Be Here, all perfect families can share that love that overcomes and binds us together.

"I'll be here for you, baby, as you take your first breath. The love that I have for you will never rest." - I'll Be Here by Alicia Kennedy

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Inspirus: for the kids who inspire us 💡


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